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Documentary, hybrid - in development

On the island of Everything, everything is circular; it has a beginning, a path and an end.

Below sea level, along the perimeter of the coast, shoals of tuna swim convulsively through cold currents. On the surface life is slow, and is marked by delicate and redundant sounds. At midnight the heels of an exhausted woman pierce the silence of the crickets.

At dawn a small radio coughs intermittently, tied to the stern of a boat, cradled by the morning waves.

At noon, a group of street urchins cycle over golden hills in search of the locust colony.

It’s the day of the tonnara, the annual slaughter of tuna. But it is also the day in which the inhabitants of this story discover that they, in turn, are turning into tuna.

Locarno Residency 2023 - 76th Locarno Film Festival

Casa Pantrovà Residency

Perspectives Lab - 59th Solothurner Filmtage

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